The e-Boks Payment solution enables payment directly from e-Boks

This service provides easy and secure online payment of invoices. 

The sender initiates the payment flow by processing the invoice containing all the required payment features and data to enable the end user to pay the invoice, and possibly sign up for future and recurring payments.

The sender determines which payment methods that are available to the end user. These methods include Betalingsservice by NETS and card payments by DIBS. The payment takes place directly in e-Boks.



Get payments in time

Failure to pay is a well-known problem for most businesses and government agencies, and a lot of resources are spent on issuing and collecting bills every single day. In fact, up to a third of companies' bills sent out are not paid on time.

e-Boks' Payment solution enables customers to receive and pay bills directly in e-Boks. It is both easy and fast for the recipients - and at the same time benefits the senders.

e-Boks Payment is just as secure as online banks, and e-Boks processes the invoices in collaboration with existing payment providers. Customers get a secure distribution channel in a familiar universe that they trust, and their personal data is secured.

The customer can sign up for automatic payment of future and recurring invoices in e-Boks hence the risk of unpaid or late paid invoices is reduced.


Reminders help customers to pay

Surveys among end users in e-Boks show that it ought to be easy to receive and pay bills. 74% of end users have said that they find it attractive or very attractive to be able to pay their bills directly in e-Boks. As many as 82% believe it will help them pay their bills on time if they receive billing and payment deadline notifications either via email or SMS.

With e-Boks Payment you can help customers by sending reminders when the payment date approaches. The benefit for the customer is that it makes it easier getting the bill paid on time and thus avoid receiving an unnecessary cost.


Benefits for senders

  • The volume of invoices paid will increase
  • The payment becomes a one location process. Invoices can be viewed, paid and archived in e-Boks.
  • Increased customer satisfaction (customers can pay whenever and wherever they want via the e-Boks app or on a PC)

  • The e-Boks notification service will prompt end users to make the payments before the due date and thus save sender cost on late payment handling


Learn more about e-Boks Payment in the product sheet.