The new e-Boks app lets third party suppliers offer their own products and services to e-Boks users.

Service providers can showcase their services in e-Boks Plus now. Once the app is fully functional, they can link up via an API (Application Programming Interface), provided by e-Boks. An API is essentially an umbilical cord between two types of different software system that makes it possible to exchange data between them. Other suppliers are thus given the opportunity to showcase their own services in e-Boks Plus.


End-user as gatekeeper
e-Boks is based on user-oriented access to development of content in Plus. That means that users help decide which services are to be integrated. In other words: a specific service is selected on the basis of the user-value it generates. e-Boks has listed a series of criteria on which potential services will be evaluated. They include any given service being always able to help make life easier for the user, who must be able to trust it, and it must be secure.


Any business – regardless of size – can become a service provider in principle, as long as the service is relevant, and meets the criteria for user-value and synergy with e-Boks. There is no requirement for an external provider to have a certain size to link up. It could just as well be a startup business with an innovative idea.


How to test new services
When selecting new services, users are involved in evaluation. The new app includes a feedback function, via which users can express their opinion, giving e-Boks an indication of whether a given service provides value for the users. Similarly, e-Boks uses ‘pretotyping’, giving existing users the opportunity to indicate interest and give feedback on a potential service, before the development process starts.

Value for Service Providers


e-Boks Plus gives access to:

  • Secure, life-long storage of important data 
  • A unique position on a trusted platform
  • Trustworthy partner

Low investment in partnership:

  • Easy onboarding 
  • Robust, well-proven solution

Wide userbase:

  • High conversion frequency for new services
  • Verified users
  • Personal user experience
  • 4+ million e-Boks Plus users


Guidelines for potential partners


  • Cannot infringe e-Boks’ core values and CSR policy
  • Trustworthy
  • Innovative partner
  • Give users access to relevant data
  • Adaptation to potential target groups/persons
  • Ability to provide a service with global appeal and cross-border services

Service criteria


Does the service provide value to the user?

  • Does it make the lives of users easier?
  • Can users save money or time, or does the service typically cut transaction costs?
  • Is the user in control?

Is the service innovative?

  • Is it unique?
  • Does it generate curiosity?

Is it relevant to e-Boks?

  • Does it process important data?
  • Does it have a positive signal effect​?
  • Does it have international potential?

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