Third-party suppliers can connect to the e-Boks app and offer their own services to e-Boks' users.

Service providers can already today showcase their services in e-Boks Plus. Both TestaViva and Digital Servicebook does that. With very few adjustments, your company can showcase your services in e-Boks Plus in our app, just like TestaViva and Digital Servicebook. 


Not just for the big ones
Any business – regardless of size – can become a service provider in principle, as long as the service is relevant, and meets the criteria for user-value and synergy with e-Boks. It is important that the service provides value to our users and make their lives easier by, e.g., being able to save money or time. It is an extra plus if the service has international potential. There is no requirement for an external provider to have a certain size to link up. It could just as well be a startup business with an innovative idea.


How to test new services
When selecting new services, users are involved in evaluation. The new app includes a feedback function, via which users can express their opinion, giving e-Boks an indication of whether a given service provides value for the users. Similarly, e-Boks uses ‘pretotyping’, giving existing users the opportunity to indicate interest and give feedback on a potential service, before the development process starts.

Value for Service Providers


e-Boks Plus gives access to:

  • 4.7 million verified and unique e-Boks app users
  • High conversion rate in relation to new services
  • A unique position on a trusted platform, with more than 28 million logins each month
  • One of Denmark's most credible brands

Low investment in partnership:

  • Easy onboarding 
  • Robust, well-proven solution
  • Access to feedback from users
  • Opportunity to test your solution before launch in our Sandbox-environment (coming soon)

International opportunities:

  • Opportunity for access to existing e-Boks markets, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway (Greenland and Ireland) as well as potential new markets



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