With over 20 years’ of experience, e-Boks is the leading provider of digital infrastructure.

We pride ourselves as experts with regards to user behavior and picking up on digital trends. Using this expertise, we help our customers to simplify and improve their business processes.

As a leading Nordic digitalization partner, we offer companies, institutions and citizens an effective, secure and user-friendly platform that facilitates services and integrations and enables digital distribution, interaction and storage of important digital information.

And we know that this works. Each year, across the Nordic region, more than 30,000 private and public enterprises send more than 610 million documents via e-Boks. Services are either integrated into the customer’s systems or distributed by the e-Boks user interface. Worldwide e-Boks has over 21 million users and is owned by Nets and PostNord.



We create better digital societies by creating user friendly, connected and secure digital societies to improve every-day life for all.





We help individuals, companies and institutions to digitally interact, communicate and service themselves effectively and securely through our platforms.

Companies and institutions are our partners and together we create better secure digitalisation where the users are in control.



Curiosity is essential to improvement. Curiosity is the reason we develop as humans and as a company. Curiosity forms the basis for innovation and every type of development. We seek to encourage curiosity as it is a platform for either great leaps or small ongoing initiatives that make ours a better organization.

Judgment is all about doing the right thing and making good choices. It ensures that we prioritize the things that are most important, those that mean most. It also helps to ensure that we respect each other as colleagues – and that we respect our users, customers and partners too.

Trust is fundamental to our company. Our users, customers and partners trust us and it is essential that they continue to do so. Trust is also all about our interpersonal relationships and delivering on our promises. We do everything in our power to preserve trust by talking straight and in good time.

Read more about who we are and how we strive to act in our WannaBeBook (in Danish). You can read it as a list of the things we expect of each other with a list of rules that make e-Boks a better company and an even better place to work. Whether you are an employee, future employee, customer or partner, the book will give you some impression of who we are and how we think.