In 2014, e-Boks entered a partnership with Team Danmark. The Partnership between e-Boks and Team Danmark meant that Team Danmark can put further resources into optimising daily training for Team Danmark's supported athletes and increasing the use of the technology in the training. The use of technology is important to be able to optimise the athletes' sporting development and performance in training and competitions. 

As part of the partnership, e-Boks has, together with DIF and DR P4, developed a new sports award "The Danes' Sports Award." The award is given annually at DR's big sports gala show, where profiles in the Danish world of sport are celebrated.

e-Boks' support for Team Danmark and the new sports award are a natural extension of a long-term commitment to sport. Shared values between e-Boks and Team Danmark's supported athletes have been essential to the partnership.

Get more information about the Danes' Sports Award (Danskernes Idrætspris) here.


Collaboration with Caroline Wozniacki

In 2009, e-Boks signed the first contract with Caroline Wozniacki as the main sponsor.

Both Caroline and e-Boks have been on an amazing journey. Caroline achieved her dream of becoming no. 1 in the world, and is today a world-class athlete. In e-Boks we achieved our goal of almost 100% knowledge of the Danes, which was part of the sponsorship strategy.

The sponsorship with Caroline has subsequently evolved, and today the collaboration is focused around predominantly charitable events, such as joint participation in Danmarks Indsamling and an annual tennis event with Børnehjælpsdagen.