Easy, secure and user-friendly

e-Boks provides companies, municipalities
and private individuals an effective platform for digital
dispatch and storage of documents.




















Coop digitises all employment contracts

Coop Danmark digitises all management of employment contracts. Enabling employees to sign contracts digitally in e-Boks results in a significantly reduced administrative burden and a much greater overview.


















We chose e-Boks due to its superior security and user-friendliness. This was a non-negotiable requirement
Johnny Wagner Pedersen, HR-support and recruitment manager, Coop











Danske Bank focuses on user-friendliness

Danske Bank's collaboration with e-Boks means that customers get easy access to their bank documents.
This means savings for Danske Bank, who can then offer attractive products at competitive prices.


















By getting information from customers in a structured way via e-Boks, our own work processes are also changed. e-Boks is an important strategic business partner for us, also in the future
Anette Lundsteen, Vice president, Danske Bank

Save 80% on postage and envelopes

With e-Boks, companies save not only paper and resources, but can also save 80% of distribution costs, streamlining dialogue their with customers. This is appreciated by recipients, since 86% of all e-Boks users are satisfied with the service, and 1,300 new users are registered every day.


Benefits for your customers

See how digital post benefits your customers

How other companies use e-Boks

There are already more than 30,000 senders of mail in e-Boks. You can meet some of them below, read about their experience, and see how they have benefitted.

Coop digitises employment contracts

Digital signatures

Coop digitises employment contracts

Coop Danmark is the first company in Scandinavia to digitise the handling of employment agreements and other HR documents via e-Boks.

Making KLP’s customer communications better and more efficient

Portal solution

Making KLP’s customer communications better and more efficient

KLP, Norway’s largest life insurance company, has made significant progress in digitising its customer communications.

It pays to have digital leases

Digital signatures

It pays to have digital leases

Each year DAB processes 6,000-7,000 new leases. The prospect of saved postage and easier internal procedures has meant that the housing management association now uses digital signatures.









368 million letters sent via e-Boks in 2016

That's how many letters companies and municipalities sent to e-Boks users in 2016.

Post sent via e-Boks facilitates case handling, increases efficiency and benefits the environment.


















More than 30,000 senders

That's how many companies and municipalities already use e-Boks when they send post

to customers and citizens. It's not just great for the bottom line. It's also great for the environment.


















More than 12 million receive post in e-Boks




















Fun facts

How old is the oldest user of e-Boks? How many documents were sent via e-Boks

in 2014? See the answers to these questions, and get other fun information here.










We not only eliminate postage costs, but also reduce normal delivery times.

Digital solutions to increase effectiveness

e-Boks offers your company a wide range of digital solutions to increase effectiveness and reduce costs. From digital payslips and secure two-way communication, to integrated portal solutions.


3. March 2017

Futurebank 2017 – mer fart og samarbeid

Nylig samlet Norges fintech-elite seg for å diskutere fremtidens bankløsninger. Alle aktører elsker samarbeid, fart og omstillingsevne. Norge skal bli ledende på finansiell teknologi.

3. March 2017

Sykepleiere får bedre medlemsservice med e-Boks

Norsk Sykepleier Forbund (NSF), med 108.000 medlemmer, er kommet langt med digitaliseringen av sin medlemskommunikasjon. Bare i løpet av de tre siste årene er portokostnadene redusert med 70 prosent. Når NSF nå implementerer e-Boks` integrerte portalløsning som en del av deres «Min Side»-løsning, er målet å tilby enda mer brukervennlig kommunikasjon og dermed bedre service overfor medlemmene.

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Annual Report 2015 – a year of growth with significant investments in e-Boks A/S

Annual Report 2015 – a year of growth with significant investments in e-Boks A/S

A solid growth has secured a new record turnover of e-Boks A/S in 2015 with increase of 15% to 170, 1 million. DKK. Overall, 2015 was the biggest year ever for e-Boks A/S in terms of deliveries in the core business: 11 million users are on board, 308 million documents have been delivered and 1.6 million digital signatures are completed.

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