Again this year, e-Boks is one of this country’s top three most trusted brands. A quarterly survey conducted by Caliber (corporate branding and reputation consultants) measures Danish companies’ reputations.

A rose is a rose by any other name. Reputation, name, image and brand. The four terms are virtually synonymous. Again this year, e-Boks is proud to have a very good reputation. Danes really do like e-Boks. Consultancy company Caliber conducts an image survey that focuses on 100 companies’ image. In the most recent survey, e-Boks is the third most trusted brand in Denmark, hard on the heels of LEGO and REMA1000. At first sight, the three brands are very different, in terms of their business and services. However, they have at least one thing in common, i.e. each has succeeded in achieving a positive position in our national collective consciousness.

“The difference between the top three companies is less than one percentage point. This means that the race was extremely close – and makes it difficult to assess what makes the one brand better than the other two. We conclude that all three have succeeded in achieving a positive position in our collective consciousness,” explains Shahar Silbershatz, CEO at Caliber.


e-Boks surprises

e-Boks has ranked high on reputation ever since the very first survey.  Much to the consultants’ surprise, in December 2017 e-Boks came first in their survey. Asked why this was so, Shahar Silbershatz replies:

 “We were surprised to see e-Boks in the top spot last year. We found that they had superseded several iconic Danish brands, such as LEGO, Danfoss and Grundfos, that are accustomed to top rankings. e-Boks has rapidly – and discreetly – succeeded in establishing itself as an indispensable tool. This goes some way towards explaining why they were a bit off the radar.”

Mr. Silbershatz attributes e-Boks’ high reputation score to the fact that e-Boks services have become an important and growing factor in Danish lives. Many of us see e-Boks as crucial to everyday life. Essentially, e-Boks users believe that e-Boks delivers on its promises. 

“e-Boks has again succeeded in winning a top spot because the company delivers on its promises. It provides efficient services that many of us use when we communicate with e.g. public authorities, our bank or our doctor,” says Shahar Silbershatz. He adds: “The service worked well from day one. Danes trust e-Boks so its brand is in our top three.”


A good image reinforces the company

Businesses have generally become more sensitive to public opinion. When you consider how fast public opinion can change, companies must pay more attention to their impact on the man in the street. Failure to do so can impinge on the bottom line. However, the bottom line is not the only factor boosted by a positive corporate image.

 “A good image not only impacts users’ and customers’ willingness to purchase a product or use a service. It also has an important effect on recruitment. A positive image enhances the company’s opportunities to recruit and attract the talents and workforce it needs,” says Shahar Silbershatz, adding: “A company's image also affects how easily it can find and attract reliable suppliers and business partners, get positive media coverage and encourage politicians and decision-makers to listen to their point of view. Within the company, a good image is also very important as it influences employee satisfaction.”


About the survey

The survey is conducted by Caliber who are corporate branding and reputation consultants. Caliber asks Danes if they like and trust Danish companies. The respondents, who complete a questionnaire via online panels, constitute a representative sample of the Danish population. Caliber selects the 100 companies in the survey on a range of criteria, including their position on the Danish market, revenue, number of employees, awareness and market share.