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You can access your mail anytime and anywhere. Your mail is avilable on your mobile, tablet, or web.

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No surprises - You are in control and can decide who you want to receive mails from.

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It's easy to be in control. You decide how to organize your Inbox and archive.

Advanced security

        Security is a serious matter to e-Boks.
        Your information is safe with us.


It's easy to use e-Boks

You can log in via ID-porten or using your BankID. Then you can select who you wish to receive mail from, which may be your bank or insurance company. You will get a message when you have new mail. It couldn't be much easier.






It's easy

It's easy to register as a user   
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Register mail

Select the digital mail you wish to receive.



Message on new mail

You will get a message from e-Boks when there is new mail for you









Over 14 million users in the Nordic countries get mail via e-Boks.

They already use e-Boks. Do you?

















Use e-Boks and protect the environment.

Get all your important mail in e-Boks. This is not just an advantage for you; it is also good for the environment.

















442 million documents were sent out via e-Boks in 2017.

Companies and public authorities sent out these letters to users of e-Boks in 2017.














Get your mail wherever you are

Download the e-Boks app and get your mail wherever you are, whenever you like. On this page you can get help here to download and install the app.

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Ad-Free, Clean, Fast Interface


Ad-free, Simple, User-friendly

At e-Boks, we respect the privacy of our users. We never scan the contents of your mail, or other personal data.

This means that your personal data will not be sold to third parties. Your mail will only be accessed and viewed by you.





Valuable documents in e-Boks

You can safely store your important papers and documents in e-Boks, which is like your own online safe deposit box. You can store anything from deeds and birth certificates, to photos of your valuables for insurance purposes.





23. November 2017

How does e-Boks protect your personal data?

Do you sometimes wake up at night fearing that somebody has stolen your personal data? Read here, and learn how e-Boks protects your personal data.

17. October 2016

Geir Aasen ny leder for e-Boks i Norge

Geir Aasen er ansatt som leder av e-Boks i Norge. Aasen har lang erfaring fra IT-bransjen, og har blant annet arbeidet i Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Evry og TargetEveryOne. I tillegg er Ulrik Falkner Thagesen ansatt som ny adm. direktør i e-Boks A/S. Falkner Thagesen er tidligere Nordic CEO i Mediacom.

8. December 2015

Nye brukervilkår i e-Boks

Som digital bruker av e-Boks ser vi det som naturlig at man også kan motta digital post fra det offentlige. Som en ekstra service vil vi melde alle norske e-Boks brukere på som mottaker av digital post fra det offentlige i e-Boks i løpet av januar 2016.

3. December 2015

Danske Bank tilbyr e-Boks til over 2 millioner nordiske kunder

Danske Bank tilbyr nå alle sine private kunder i Norge, Sverige og Danmark å motta digital post i e-Boks. På den måten får kundene all post fra både Danske Bank, andre private bedrifter og offentlig sektor samlet på ett, sikkert sted.

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