What is e-Boks?





Read your mail whenever and wherever you please

 e-Boks can be used anywhere. You can access all your mail - wherever you are. Use e-Boks from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.  It's that easy.

Using e-Boks

e-Boks is for both private individuals and companies

e-Boks can be used by both private individuals and companies. More than 5 million people in Denmark and 600,000 companies already use e-Boks.

e-Boks is everyone

e-Boks is linked to your Danish personal registration number and stays with you all your life - even if you move or change your e-mail address.

e-Boks is free

There is no charge for using e-Boks and you can receive unlimited amounts of mail from senders in e-Boks.




Choose which mail you wish to receive digitally

With just a few clicks, you can select which companies you wish to receive mail from in e-Boks. You can also choose how your mail is to be filed, and you can freely create and name folders and move your documents to them.

You are alerted automatically when there is new mail for you

You do not have to log into e-Boks every day to check for new mail. Instead, you can get a message by e-mail when you have received new documents.



You can rest assured that we take care of your documents

Use of personal registration numbers

Use of personal registration numbers in e-Boks is subject to very restrictive legislation and is controlled and approved by the Danish Data Protection Agency.

Security is our highest priority

At e-Boks, security has the highest priority and we take all possible precautions to protect your data. All communication between you and e-Boks is encrypted.


How we protect your documents

Data is stored in a secure data centre housed at KMD, in compliance with the most stringent security standards.