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Updated 18 May 2018


Area(s) of use:

These terms of use apply to e-Boks websites, apps, social media, and other digital platforms used by e-Boks. When you accept these terms, you also accept the e-Boks Privacy Policy [https://www.e-boks.com/danmark/en/privacy/] and Cookie Policy [https://www.e-boks.com/danmark/en/cookies/].

About e-Boks:

e-Boks gives you access to a) letters, messages, etc., (hereinafter "Messages") from businesses with whom you have registered, and to digital mail from public authorities, b) your personal archives in e-Boks, c) direct, secure communication with a registered business, d) signing agreements digitally, e) make payments via associates, and f) use the services and functions offered by e-Boks at any time arising from partnerships with third parties.

Limitation of liability:

Unless otherwise stipulated by law, e-Boks cannot be held liable for the content of Messages or notifications, nor for loss in the event of delay, non-delivery, incorrect delivery, loss of data, IT errors, virus, damage to your hardware or force majeure situations, regardless of whether they concern e-Boks alone. e-Boks cannot be held liable for loss as a result of unauthorized use, e.g. if others have been given access to your digital mailbox at e-Boks, or you have failed to inform e-Boks of any irregularities or abuse, or suspicion of the same.

e-Boks cannot be held liable for third-party services offered via the e-Boks solution.

Inactivity in the event of death:

In the event of death, e-Boks reserves the right to delete all the deceased’s data held by e-Boks after a period of 15 months. The same shall apply if you have not used e-Boks for a period of over 5 years.

Changes to the terms of use:

e-Boks can change and update the terms of use by announcement on http://www.e-boks.dk/, where the terms in use will always be available. In the event of major changes or restrictions, notification will be given via e-Boks at least one month in advance.


All material in e-Boks, such as names, logos, trade marks, graphics, text, icons, images, software etc., belong to e-Boks and its associates and are protected by the laws on trade mark protection, copyright and the Marketing Practices Act

Jurisdiction and court of venue:

Disputes concerning matters regulated by these terms shall be brought before the Danish courts under Danish law.



Your digital mailbox at e-Boks

You can receive mail from the public sector and private senders in your digital mailbox at e-Boks. The following terms apply when setting up a digital mailbox at e-Boks.

Legal effect:

The Messages you receive via e-Boks will not be sent by the standard national postal service. Messages received in e-Boks have the same legal effect as if received by regular mail, e.g. with regard to payment due date, acceptance and complaints. Messages are regarded as received by you when they are available in e-Boks.


If you delete any Messages in e-Boks, they cannot be restored. You can delete Messages and documents in your digital mailbox at e-Boks at any time. e-Boks cannot access the content of your Messages. e-Boks reserves the right to make Messages in your digital mailbox at e-Boks inaccessible when e-Boks is obliged to do so by law, and when other people's personal data has been accidentally compromised.


Unless you have entered into an agreement with someone who stipulates that you have a digital mailbox at e-Boks, you can opt out (unregister) for receiving Messages from private senders in e-Boks. Go to http://www.e-boks.dk/ where you can unregister for messages from private senders with 7 days’ notice.

Your responsibilities:

You must a) regularly check whether there are new Messages in your digital mailbox at e-Boks, b) ensure that e-Boks always has your correct email address and/or your mobile phone number if you want to be notified of new Messages, and c) immediately change access code and inform e-Boks if you become aware of or suspect irregularities or abuse of your digital mailbox at e-Boks.

You are also responsible for the content you archive in e-Boks always complying with Danish law.

Digital services

e-Boks allows you to access different digital services of your own choice. The content depends on who supplies and administers the digital service. The digital services you choose will either be supplied and administered by e-Boks or a third party.

Content of digital services:

The content shown when accessing a digital service can be determined by a third party. When such third parties provide content to you through a digital service, e-Boks cannot therefore be held liable for the content.

Consent and verification:

When adding a digital service provided and administered by a third party, you give your consent to e-Boks disclosing any data necessary to the third party for it to be able to verify you. You will always be informed what data are being disclosed when adding a service. You can withdraw your consent at any time by opting out of the service. See below on how to opt out of a digital service.

Opting out of a digital service:

You can opt out of any service registered on e-Boks. To do so, simply delete the service in question in your settings. When you opt out of a digital service, it does not mean that you no longer have a user profile or data registered with the third party providing and administering the service. To delete your user profile and/or data held by a third party, you therefore need to contact that third party directly. Deletion of your user profile and data held by a third party is not e-Boks’ responsibility.  

e-Boks Mobile

Area(s) of use:

This part of e-Boks’ terms of use applies when using e-Boks Mobile via the e-Boks App (hereinafter "the App"), and is contingent on you being a user of e-Boks. Not all e-Boks functions can be used in the App. Such functions require logging on to e-Boks in a browser. The App lets you a) read and administer Messages, b) save images from your camera or photo archive, c) register and unregister with senders of mail, d) edit your user profile email and mobile number details, and e) pay bills, etc.

User rights:

You have a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the App on any smartphone or tablet (iOS, Android or Windows) you own or control within the parameters of these terms and Danish copyright law. You cannot distribute the App or make it accessible on a computer network. You cannot let, lease, lend, sub-license, or sell the App. You cannot attempt to reveal the source code, modify, or create derivatives of the App.

Any breach of these terms of use and/or of Danish copyright law will automatically annul your right to use the App according to the terms of use. Apart from annulling your right to use the App, any breach of the terms of use and/or of Danish copyright law can imply legal proceedings being taken against you.

e-Boks can rescind or revise your right to use the App according to the terms of use.


If you suspect that your access code or activation code to your mobile access have been compromised, you must change them as soon as possible. You can find your access and activation codes in your digital mailbox at e-Boks under Settings.

Biometric authorization:

You can use biometric authorization such as touch ID or face ID to log on to the App. This requires that you accept that your device’s ability to use biometric authorization will be linked to your user profile in the App. You can link your device's registered biometric details to one user profile in the App. Other people can abuse the App if they have access to administration of biometric authorization on your device. You must therefore ensure that you are the only person able to use your biometric details as access code. Only use biometric authorization on those devices you have access to, and never on jailbroken devices. If you have taken over a device from someone else, delete all saved biometric details before activating your own. If you give your device to someone else, always delete your user profile in the App first.

Termination of biometric authorization:

You can stop using biometric authorization to log on to the App if you a) delete your user profile from the list of active users in the App, b) log on to the App and deactivate selected biometric authorization under Settings, or c) delete the App from your device.

Lost mobile device:

If you lose your mobile device, you must generate a new activation code and/or access code for your digital mailbox at e-Boks as soon as possible.

Limitation of liability:

e-Boks cannot be held liable for compensation for breach of contract, non-performance, loss of functionality or delays in the App. e-Boks cannot be held liable for compensation for damage to your smartphone or tablet caused by the App, loss of data, loss of profit or other damages caused by the App.

Blocking mobile access:

e-Boks reserves the right to block your mobile access for security reasons in the event of any suspicion of abuse. If your mobile access is blocked, please contact e-Boks.


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