Sign up for e-Boks

You do not need any new user codes to be able to use e-Boks.

You just need to log in using your NemID.


How to become an e-Boks user

You need your NemID to create an e-Boks user account.




1. Select Personal or Business

Select Sign up Personal if you are a private individual. Select Sign up Business if you wish to register a company as an e-Boks user.





2. Create an e-Boks user account

You will be guided through a simple set-up procedure, where you must enter your e-mail address and accept the terms for use of e-Boks.




3. Select senders


Select the senders you wish to receive mail from in your e-Boks. Then you will be ready and will get an e-mail automatically when there is new mail in your e-Boks.



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