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How do I cancel e-Boks?

If you no longer wish to receive Digital Post, you can cancel e-Boks/Digital Post. There are certain restrictions, however, that apply to any cancellation.

Cancelling e-Boks

To cancel e-Boks, and therefore the receipt of Digital Post from private senders such as banks, insurance companies, etc., go to Settings

  1. Select the tab marked Settings
  2. Select the menu item Cancel
  3. Click OK

Cancellation can only be performed if you have deleted all mail from e-Boks.

Please note that some banks may require you to use e-Boks as part of your customer agreement. You must contact the relevant bank regarding this.

Cancelling Digital Post

In June 2012, the Danish Parliament enacted the Public Digital Post Act, which makes it compulsory for citizens and companies to be able to receive mail from public authorities digitally. The transition to Digital Post takes place on 1 November 2013 for all those in Denmark with a CVR number. For citizens, the transition takes place at the end of 2014. This means that after this date, it will not be possible to cancel Digital Post. It is compulsory for you to be able to receive Digital Post from public authorities. However, there are rules on general exemptions from the receipt of Digital Post.

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