Feature overview

With e-Boks, you can access your mail anywhere, anytime. 

But e-Boks is much more than just a digital mailbox.


Reply instantly

Answering mails should be as easy as reading one. In e-Boks, you can reply instantly and see the full mail thread. You can also add attachments and save the message as draft.







Signed, sealed, delivered

e-Box signing solution can be used wherever documents are to be signed, such as employment contracts, leases, cooperation agreements, etc. Documents are signed using BankID and saved in your e-Boks.

The digital signature cannot be manipulated and is legally binding.


Customize and organize

Our digital mailbox provides you with a range of options to organize your mail.  

Multi-level Folders

e-Boks supports multi-level folder structure unlike other digital mailbox interfaces out there.

This means you can organize your mail in a perfect tree structure, to best suit your needs.


Create your own rules

Automate incoming mail handling. Set up your own rules to automatically sort your mail to best suit your needs.



Sharing made simple

Give others the opportunity to read and manage your mail. Control access to your mail by clearly establishing access rights and setting timeframes for how long the access is valid for. You can also choose to send individual documents to others without giving access to your inbox.








Keep everything safe

Add your important papers and documents to e-Boks. Kind of like your own bank box on the internet. You can store everything from deeds and birth certificates to photographs of your valuables for insurance claims.


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