Everything important gathered in one place

e-Boks is your digital mailbox. In e-Boks you can collect all important mail from public authorities and private companies in a secure location.

Today, more that 11 million users receive digital mail in e-Boks. Sign up now to get your own mailbox and enjoy all the benefits. It is free and only takes a minute. Just log on with your Bank ID.

New: Now you can receive mail from the public authorities in e-Boks


Enjoy all the benefits:

 Gather all important mail from public authorities and companies in one place

 Access from your mobile, tablet or computer

 Safer than e-mail and letters

 Free, with no advertising, and environment-friendly


We strive to provide you with the best service, and we’ll be introducing new senders on e-Boks.se regularly.


It is easy

It is easy to register as a user.
Log in, then you are on your way.


Register mail

Select the mail you wish to receive digitally.


Notification of mail

You will receive a notification from e-Boks when there is new mail for you

It is easy to use e-Boks

You log in via the ID port or using your BankID. Then you select whom you would like to receive mail from. This may be your bank, insurance company or your municipality. You will receive a notification when you receive new mail. It could not be easier.











More than 11 million users in the Nordic region receive mail in e-Boks.

So many users already use e-Boks. Do you?

















Use e-Boks and protect the environment.

Receive all important mail in e-Boks. Not only are there advantages for you, but it is also good for the environment.

















308 million documents were sent out via e-Boks in 2015.

So many letters were sent to users of e-Boks by companies and authorities in 2015.













On the move?

With e-Boks you have access to all the documents at any time and from anywhere...from your phone, tablet or PC. It doesn't get any easier! Create e-Boks today and download the e-Boks app

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Valuable documents in e-Boks

You can securely put your important papers and documents in e-Boks. It is actually like your own bank box on the internet. You can store everything from deeds and birth certificates to photographs of your valuables for insurance requirements.







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