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Available everywhere

View and manage your mail anytime, from anywhere. Your mail is always within reach from any smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Only mail you've accepted

No surprises - you decide who can send you mail and which type of mail you want to receive.

Have it your way

Create smart filters and archiving rules, and make it easy to stay organized.

Advanced security

Keeping your data safe is our highest priority. We go the extra mile to make sure your privacy is protected.


The smart digital mailbox

With e-Boks, you can access your mail anywhere, anytime.

But e-Boks is much more than just a digital mailbox.


Reply instantly and see the full mail thread
Create and arrange your own folders
Automate incoming mail handling
Sign documents with BankID
Give others access to read and manage your mail
Add your important documents



442 million documents were sent using e-Boks last year. Below is a selection of our senders.


It is easy

It is easy to register as a user.
Log in, then you are on your way.


Register mail

Select the mail you wish to receive digitally.


Notification of mail

You will receive a notification from e-Boks when there is new mail for you

It is easy to use e-Boks

You log in via the ID port or using your BankID. Then you select whom you would like to receive mail from. This may be your bank, insurance company or your municipality. You will receive a notification when you receive new mail. It could not be easier.











More than 14 million users in the Nordic region receive mail in e-Boks.

So many users already use e-Boks. Do you?

















Use e-Boks and protect the environment.

Receive all important mail in e-Boks. Not only are there advantages for you, but it is also good for the environment.

















442 million documents were sent out via e-Boks in 2017.

So many letters were sent to users of e-Boks by companies and authorities in 2017.










On the move?

With e-Boks you have access to all the documents at any time and from anywhere...from your phone, tablet or PC. It doesn't get any easier! Create e-Boks today and download the e-Boks app

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Valuable documents in e-Boks

You can securely put your important papers and documents in e-Boks. It is actually like your own bank box on the internet. You can store everything from deeds and birth certificates to photographs of your valuables for insurance requirements.






Ad-Free, Clean, Fast Interface

Ad-Free, Clean, Fast Interface

At e-Boks, we respect our users privacy and never scan the content of your mail, or other personal information.

This means that your personal information is not resold and that you are sure that your mail is for your eyes only.



Få skatteåterbäringen redan i april! Registrera dig och vinn en iPhone X

9. January 2018

Få skatteåterbäringen redan i april! Registrera dig och vinn en iPhone X

Slå två flugor i en smäll – registrera dig innan 1 mars för att få skatteåterbäringen tidigare. Du är samtidigt med i utlottningen av en iPhone X!

How does e-Boks protect your personal data?

23. November 2017

How does e-Boks protect your personal data?

Do you sometimes wake up at night fearing that somebody has stolen your personal data? Read here, and learn how e-Boks protects your personal data.

InterMail inleder nordiskt samarbete med e-Boks

11. September 2017

InterMail inleder nordiskt samarbete med e-Boks

InterMail och e-Boks meddelar idag att de inleder ett nordiskt samarbete för att digitalisera och förbättra kommunikationen med kunderna. Samarbetet inleds kring ett antal strategiska kunder i Sverige.

E-post som kommunikationskanal hotas av dataskyddsförordningen

27. June 2017

E-post som kommunikationskanal hotas av dataskyddsförordningen

En ny undersökning som Novus genomfört på uppdrag av det digitala brevlådeföretaget e-Boks visar att e-post är den vanligaste formen av kommunikation mellan allmänheten och företag såsom banker och försäkringsbolag. Nästan 7 av 10 anger att de kommunicerar via e-post med sina leverantörer. I maj 2018, när den allmänna dataskyddsförordningen GDPR börjar gälla, är det inte längre tillåtet för företag att skicka ut känslig information via kanaler som klassas osäkra. GDPR hotar alltså den vanligaste kanalen för kundkommunikation hos många företag.

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