Terms of use for e-Boks Mobile

In these terms of use, we make a distinction between e-Boks accessed from a mobile device, hereinafter referred to as e-Boks Mobile, and e-Boks accessed from a PC, hereinafter referred to as e-Boks.

These terms of use for e-Boks Mobile are a supplement to the general terms of use for e-Boks, which also apply to the mobile solution.

In order to use e-Boks Mobile, you must already be an e-Boks user.

What can you use e-Boks Mobile for?

You cannot execute all the known functions from e-Boks in e-Boks Mobile. Using e-Boks Mobile, you can, amongst other things:

  • Read your mail
  • Administer your mail, i.e. rename, archive, move, mark as read/unread and delete messages
  • Register to receive mail from private companies
  • Upload photographs to your archive
  • Administer your settings, i.e. e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers
  • Find out the latest developments concerning e-Boks
  • Search for help.

This list is not exhaustive, as e-Boks is continually working to add new functionality to e-Boks Mobile.

You can continue to use other functions in e-Boks which are not available in e-Boks Mobile from a computer.

Logging on to e-Boks Mobile

Logging on to e-Boks Mobile is different from what you know from e-Boks. In order to log on to e-Boks Mobile, you will need:

  • Your user ID, which is your national ID or CPR no.
  • Your access code, which you can find and maintain in e-Boks under Settings
  • Your activation code, which you can find and maintain in e-Boks under Settings

Uploading to e-Boks Mobile

Using e-Boks Mobile, you can upload photographs taken on the camera of your mobile phone. There are many situations where this could be a useful function. You could for example take and store photographs of your valuables, you could take and store photographs of the frame numbers of the bikes in your household or you could photograph receipts and guarantee certificates. e-Boks A/S does not however guarantee that photographs uploaded to e-Boks will subsequently provide adequate documentation in relation to claim and guarantee obligations/rights.

Special rules concerning security, barring, etc.

If you suspect that someone has gained access to your access or activation code for e-Boks Mobile, you must change the codes in your settings in e-Boks under the Settings menu item as soon as possible.

If you lose your mobile phone or tablet, you must generate a new activation code in e-Boks as soon as possible. Devices that have already been activated will then no longer be able to access e-Boks.

Developer Name and Address

Contact information for the use of e-Boks mobile app:

e-Boks A/S
Dampfærgevej 28, 1. sal
2100 København Ø
Phone: +45 70212400

Version 1.0


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