Do you sometimes wake up at night fearing that somebody has stolen your personal data? Read here, and learn how e-Boks protects your personal data.

e-Boks ensures that your documents containing personal data do not end up in the wrong places and the wrong hands. In principle, it really is that simple.

Am I Helle Thorning-Schmidt?

No, there is only one Helle Thorning-Schmidt – and that is probably not you. However, e-Boks knows exactly who you are because e-Boks knows your personal identification number (CPR number). When you log in with your NemID card, e-Boks can uniquely identify you as an individual. In this way, you can be sure that the information that is intended for you is also sent to you.

When you enter information such as name, birthday, gender, telephone number to set up a normal mail account such as Hotmail or Gmail, there is no identification process to ensure that it is actually you that the email address belongs to. There is no guarantee that it is you or actually Helle Thorning-Schmidt at the keyboard setting up the account. With e-Boks, the use of the CPR number guarantees accurate identification.

No access for others

Another important difference is that communication between the sender and recipient in e-Boks is encrypted. This means that no third parties have access to the communication. This encryption also applies to e-Boks itself.

— There is nobody at e-Boks who has access to the end user’s documents. We have the CPR number and deliver the documents to the right recipient, but we do not read the content of the documents, says Jacob Zwicki, Head of Security at e-Boks, who defines security as being part of the organisation’s DNA.

The encryption in e-Boks takes place as soon as you log in. Your website is opened using HTTPS, the protocol typically seen by the appearance of a green padlock in the address line. This is a standard control that ensures your connection is confirmed and encrypted. The HTTPS protocol controls all your activity, so you can be sure that all your personal data in e-Boks is protected.

Highest levels of security

e-Boks is always on guard against any potential security threats and has developed mechanisms and methods to counter them.

— We work on an ongoing basis to optimise security so you can sleep soundly at night in the knowledge that e-Boks is a completely secure channel for your personal data. One threat to e-Boks might for example be a hacker attack. We keep a close eye on developments to know how we can best protect ourselves. In addition, our security department is in continual dialogue with the authorities, so we always act in accordance with the applicable rules in the area, says Jacob Zwicki.