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Recommended settings for pop-up windows in Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer 6 SP2 and later, you can prevent a website from opening new browser windows. As e-Boks uses these to display documents, we recommend that you do not use this function. You can set up your browser to allow e-Boks to open windows, while still preventing other websites from doing so.

  1. Select the Tools menu item and Internet options in Internet Explorer
  2. Select the tab marked Privacy
  3. Click on the Settings button under Pop-up Blocker
  4. Enter in the Address of website to allow field and click on the button marked Add
  5. Click on Close and OK to finish editing the settings

NB: if your blocking level is set to Medium: Block most automatic pop-ups, you do not need to add e-Boks under Allowed sites.

If you use other programs to block pop-up windows (such as Google Toolbar, etc.), you should contact your supplier for further assistance.

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