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I cannot log onto e-Boks with NemID

Check first whether you can log on to other sites using your Digital Signature or NemID. If this works at other sites but still not on e-Boks, this may be due to technical problems. Try to log on again later or contact e-Boks costumer support if the message keeps appearing.

If you are not allowed to select your signature or enter information from your NemID keycard, this may be due to problems caused by the software your browser needs to use when you log in using a Digital Signature or NemID. Often these problems can be resolved by installing the latest version of the software required.

If you have any questions regarding your digital signature or NemID, please contact DanID by telephone on 80307050. It is DanID that is responsible for the development and operation of Digital Signatures and NemIDs.

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