Secure distribution

Finding new, cost-reducing business opportunities can be a challenge, especially if improved competitiveness is also an objective. Many companies also face demands for technological solutions to facilitate work processes, without diminishing service levels.

e-Boks offers a unique, cost-effective digital distribution channel that can save 80% of distribution costs.

Digital customer communication is effective communication

e-Boks can help you avoid costly paper processes and make your customer communication digital and more effective. We also gather all important documents in one place, helping your customers to get an overview of everything that is important, in e-Boks. Besides traditional computer-based access to e-Boks, it is also possible to access e-Boks from mobile devices. 

Digitalise your customer dialogue and save money

As an e-Boks user, you don't have to worry about handling the practicalities of sending information. Together with our distributors, we offer an all-in solution that only requires you to provide output data in an agreed format. We take care of the rest - and your recipients receive post in a way that suits their preferences. e-Boks offers:

  • Savings of at least 80% compared to physical post
  • 100% security of supply
  • Digital customer dialogue with secure digital dialog
  • High customer satisfaction with a modern choice of channels
  • Effective processes through integration with own systems
  • Saved work hours by sending e.g. payslips digitally

Get more details about e-Boks in the product sheet