Secure dialogue with customers and partners can often present challenges for companies. Traditional e-mail is not secure in terms of either content or delivery, and handling e-mails individually often takes a lot of time.

Dialogue in e-Boks
With e-Boks, your company - as well as distributing the post - can also enable your customers to contact you and to respond to documents received in e-Boks. This creates a secure channel for communication involving sensitive content, such as personal registration numbers or similar, while replies can be loaded directly into the company's business systems.

Security of supply
e-Boks enables secure dialogue, which guarantees a 100% security of supply. In addition, it ensures confidentiality between the parties, as well as the integrity of sent and received data e-Boks is therefore ideal for sending and receiving e.g. binding contracts before establishing an agreement, and for meter readings or case-related correspondence.

Integrated responses
The option to define one or more post boxes for your company makes communication easier to manage. Among other things, this ensures that communication reaches the correct contact points in the company, and streamlines the handling of responses and response processing.

Benefits for senders:

  • The option to have secure dialogue with customers
  • Authentication, integrity and confidentiality guaranteed in the correspondence
  • Optimisation of processes through integration with own systems and attachment of metadata
  • Time-saving case management

 Learn more about secure dialogue communication via e-Boks in the product sheet