Secure digital dialogue


We promise 100% GDPR compliance as well as 100% sender and receiver validation if your company uses Secure digital dialogue in e-Boks, as the dialogue between sender and recipient takes place in a channel, where access is granted through a verified eID.

Your customers can respond to documents received in e-Boks. This creates a secure channel for sensitive and confidential information. Replies from your customers are directed straight to your company's business systems.

According to a survey among e-Boks end users, 88% of end users prefer to be able to respond directly in their e-Boks to a request from, for example, their municipality or insurance company.

With Secure digital dialogue, your customers or citizens can send answers and attach documentation to their responses, so that this confidential information also stays in the same thread and in the same secure manner in relation to GDPR. The solution also supports the possibility that a citizen who, for example, would like to contact a special department in their municipality, can start the dialogue on his own initiative.


Use forms for replies
Another significant advantage of Secure digital dialogue is the ability to use a reply form directly in e-Boks. 95% of end users say they find it attractive to be able to fill out and return a form, such as a consent declaration directly in e-Boks rather than having to print it, fill it out and then scan it and send it back.


100% guaranteed delivery
e-Boks enables secure dialogue, which guarantees a 100% delivery of documents to intended recipients. In addition, it ensures confidentiality between the parties, as well as the integrity of sent and received data. e-Boks is therefore ideal for sending and receiving binding contracts before establishing an agreement, and for meter readings or correspondence.


Integrable system

The solution allows you to create one or more digital mail boxes in your company systems, which makes communication easier to manage - for example, one mailbox for customer service and one for applications. This ensures, among other things, that communication hits the right contact points in the company and that the handling of mails and responses is streamlined.


Benefits for senders

  • Authentication, integrity and confidentiality guaranteed in the correspondence 
  • Optimisation of processes through integration with own systems
  • Time-saving 


 Learn more about secure digital dialogue communication in the product sheet