Most companies wish to streamline and digitise as much of their communication with customers as possible. Customers are becoming more and more digitally minded, preferring to receive information, statements and bills digitally, making it easy and simple to save and pay them.

e-Boks portal solution
With the e-Boks portal solution, your company can combine the best from the company's own customer portal with a complete overview in e-Boks. Customers can decide for themselves where they wish to receive letters, while the company will achieve its digitisation objectives and save the costs of postage and paper.

Your own customer portal
Customers will be presented with the company's digitised correspondence in a solution that is integrated in your own customer portal. This solution also makes it possible for customers to transfer documents to their own archive in e-Boks, if they require this option.

Solution in your own online system
The solution is embedded in your own online system, as in i-frame. Users can only view documents from your company in the embedded i-frame and can transfer the documents to their own archive in e-Boks.

Easy dispatch of documents
Document dispatch to the portal solution is done in exactly the same way as to e-Boks. This means that no changes are required to existing integrations, and e-Boks handles the distribution of documents between portal solution and e-Boks.

Examples of portal solutions:

  • Danske Bank's online mail to users who do not have online banking (approx. 460,000 customers).
    See case
  • PensionDanmark's solution for 500,000 customers.
    See case

Benefits for senders:

  • Savings of approx. 80% compared with physical post
  • 100% security of supply
  • Option to deliver all customer documents digitally
  • Content and display on own portal can be styled according to your company's other online look
  • Security and storage of documents are managed by e-Boks
  • Transition of customer mass to digital recipients

Learn more about e-Boks in the product sheet