e-Boks portal solution


Your customers can logon to your website with an integrated e-Boks portal solution and view and handle the documents sent to them by your company.


Easy dispatch of documents
Document dispatch to the portal solution is done in exactly the same way as to e-Boks. This means that no changes are required to existing integrations, and e-Boks handles the distribution of documents between portal solution and e-Boks.


Examples of portal solutions


Benefits for senders

  • Digitization of costly and time-consuming processes
  • 100% delivery guarantee
  • Style and brand the portal to match your corporate visual identity
  • The portal solution supports signing of documents and secure dialogue
  • GDPR compliance
  • Security and storage of documents are managed by e-Boks
  • Savings of approx. 80% compared to physical post


Learn more about e-Boks portal solution in the product sheet