There are many good reasons to switch from printed documents and window envelopes to digital payslips in e-Boks. This saves time, labour and postage costs - and the environment is spared the burden of tonnes of paper.

Benefits of digital payslips
If you switch from printed to digital payslips, you will help make a difference. The environment is spared a lot of transport and tonnes of paper, companies save labour and postage costs, and your employees do not have to file their payslips, and can quickly find them again. Many companies have already reaped the benefits of digital payslips, and e-Boks already distributes 2 million payslips each month.

Save the environment from 58 tonnes of window envelopes
The underlying calculation looks like this: Every month, 600,000 Danes receive a payslip that weighs approx. 8 grammes. This gives 4.8 tonnes of paper per month - or a total of 58 tonnes per year.

Save 1,206 km of envelope lists a year
That's approx. 14.2 cm of adhesive per envelope. Multiplied by 600,000 payslips per month, this gives 85.5 km of adhesive - or in total 1,026 km per year - which corresponds to the distance across Denmark, from Gedser to Skagen, and back.

Save 60,000 man hours of envelope stuffing
600,000 payslips are dispatched every month. If there is one employee in a company who, on average, spends 30 seconds putting one payslip into an envelope, this totals 5,000 hours per month - or 60,000 man hours per year.

Save enveloping 7.2 million payslips
600,000 payslips a month equals folding and enveloping 7.2 million payslips a year.

Save DKK 57.6 million in postage a year
Each envelope costs DKK 8 in postage, if sent to an employee by standard post. With 600,000 envelopes per month, this totals DKK 57.6 million per year.

Background to figures
In 2011 Statistics Denmark registered a total of 2,667,424 employees.

e-Boks sent approx. 24 million digital payslips in 2011, i.e. 2 million per month.

This means that 600,000 paper payslips are dispatched per month (2,600,000 - 2,000,000 = 600,000). Note that the calculation disregards employees who are paid on a fortnightly basis and assumes only one payslip per employee per month.

Fact box
Total annual saving:

  • 58 tonnes of salary envelopes
  • DKK 57.6 million in postage
  • 60,000 man hours