Control security and confidence using digital payslips in e-Boks

There are many excellent reasons for sending digital payslips in e-Boks. You save time, postage and the impact on the environment of tons of paper – whilst complying with GDPR.

The advantages of digital payslips
You can streamline your administration, freeing up valuable time for other things by sending payslips to your employee’s e-Boks. Security is also guaranteed – including the EU data protection regulation (GDPR). Providing payslips via e-Boks to employees already receiving documents via this channel will make things easier for them. For instance, they can find and forward their payslips to their bank. Moreover, using the e-Boks app, they can read their pay slips immediately, or whenever it suits them.

Digital payslips give you the unique opportunity to cut unnecessary costs by avoiding having to waste time on processing confidential data and handling the actual distribution. Instead you can focus on your core business. You will appreciate being able to streamline your administration and the savings gained, which can be seen directly on the bottom line.

Digital payslips give your employees a secure place to receive and keep their payslips. And you save time not having to distribute or send them via the postal service. That's a big advantage in terms of both resources and the processing of personal data.

e-Boks partners with leading payroll system providers, e.g. Bluegarden/Visma or Proløn. Contact them (or one of the e-Boks distributors) if you want to send digital payslips to your employees. Find them here.