Business Intelligence

Understand the user behavior in e-Boks and increase the effect of your communication to customers.

The e-Boks Business Intelligence service can assist your company to better understand end user activities and behavior. You will get access to a vast number of e-Boks data on end user behavior and activity patterns. 


Get the answers 

  • What types of documents are opened?
  • How was the user behavior?
  • To what extent does age and gender influence user behavior?
  • After receiving a document, how quickly was it actually opened and read?
  • Which days are best for customer communication?
  • Which type of documents perform better than others?
  • Which users are most active?


Your company can use the results to improve the content of your letters and the communication between your company and the end user.


Benefits for senders

  • Understand your customers' behavior in e-Boks
  • Learn when to send via e-Boks, so that your opening rates are increased
  • Optimize your communication on an ongoing basis based on facts


Get started easily

e-Boks Business Intelligence is based on Microsoft Power BI. e-Boks ensures that the sender gets all the necessary access rights to this tool. The sender can access end-user data either from a browser or via a Power BI app installed on a smartphone or tablet.

The display of data can be customized as needed. The data can be displayed on a dashboard or as a report. 

Learn more about the e-Boks Business Intelligence in the product sheet.