Effective digital solutions

e-Boks offers your company a wide range of digital solutions to increase effectiveness and reduce costs. From digital signatures and secure digital dialog to integrated portal solutions and secure distribution



Secure distribution

e-Boks can help you eliminate cost-intensive paper-based processes, making your communication with customers digital and effective.

We gather all important documents in one place, helping customers to get an overview of everything that is important.

With secure distribution, you can save 80% of distribution costs.











Secure digital dialog


Traditional e-mail is not secure in terms of either content or delivery, and handling
e-mails individually often takes a lot of time.

Besides secure distribution, via e-Boks your customers will be able to contact your company and respond to documents received in e-Boks. This creates a secure channel for digital dialog involving sensitive content.

Digital signatures

Give your customers the opportunitty to sign contracts digitally.

Your organisation will not only save postage costs, but also considerable administrative resources. Cases can be processed far more quickly, and you can obtain signatures around the clock.

This means that a lot of savings can be made. Coop Danmark, for example, is the first company in Scandinavia to have digitalised the handling of employment contracts.





Portal solution

With an integrated portal solution from e-Boks, your company can combine the best from your own customer portal with a full overview in e-Boks.

Customers decide for themselves where they wish to receive letters, while the company achieves increased digitisation and cost savings on postage and paper.

Pension Danmark is one of the many companies that have benefitted from the integration of e-Boks.


The e-Boks Payment solution enables payment directly from e-Boks.

The solution is an online service that provides easy and secure online payment of invoices. The e-Boks Payment solution also features a notification service that will remind end users of any unpaid invoices. The notification service can contribute to lowering the volume of late payments, which means that sender can save on the cost of handling overdue payments.



Business Intelligence

Improve the communication process between sender and end user.

The e-Boks Business Intelligence service can assist sender to better understand the end user activities and behavior on the web (e-Boks and portal). Sender will get access to a vast number of e-Boks data on end user behavior and activity patterns.

Sender can, for example, decide to display key data that includes information about how soon after receiving a document will end user, in fact, open and read a document, which type of documents is being opened and which days to best reach your customers.

Digital payslips

There are many good reasons for switching from paper and window envelopes to
digital payslips in e-Boks. The environmental impact is reduced, and you save time, labour and postage costs.


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