The Norwegian Nurses Organisation (NSF) has made significant progress in digitising its communications to it's 180.000 members. In the space of just three years, postage costs have been reduced by 70 percent. NSF is now implementing e-Boks’ integrated portal system as part of its "My Page" solution with the aim of making communication even more user-friendly and thus enhancing the service it provides to its members.


"We've seen that e-Boks is the operator that has made the most headway with this type of secure digital service. It has a proven solution with outstanding references. What’s more, it has a modern infrastructure that facilitates seamless integration," says Pål Kristen Rønnevik, Director of Administration at NSF.

An integrated part of NSF’s "My Page" solution

e-Boks is being integrated into NSF’s own "My Page". The various kinds of functionalities found here will be improved and made more efficient by e-Boks. The goal is for all communication between NSF and its members to take place digitally in the future. Its members can log in and read documents from NSF, view their invoices, subscriptions and insurance papers and, at the same time, can store them safely and securely.

"The current system gives members access to insurance documents on their own "My Page", but it takes far too long to generate them as PDF documents. e-Boks will change this. All documents will be found on each individual member’s profile page. Moreover, members will also gain access to an invoice copy, which is something that many of them have been requesting."

More satisfied members

NSF represents more than 108,000 nurses, midwives and nursing students – and the majority of members also have insurance cover through the Nurses Organisation. In the future, their agreement and insurance documents will be available to them on "My Page" and that amounts to several million documents each year.

"We’re expecting a stable, secure and efficient solution that will give our members excellent service, with a particular focus on payment. This will also help to further reduce postage costs. We also hope that the members will be more satisfied with our collections processes. In our experience, digital communication contributes to a higher payment rate and more on-time invoice payments."

New solutions

NSF previously used a solution that was neither stable nor fast enough. Now that e-Boks is part of the team, the Nurses Organisation’s members will experience the difference that targeted digitisation processes make.

"We intend to position ourselves as an operator that makes use of state-of-the-art solutions, and the implementation of e-Boks plays a key role in this. Perhaps with the implementation of e-Boks, we’ll also see a decrease in the number of enquiries to our traditional member centre and insurance offices," says Rønnevik in closing.