e-Boks launched a new app in 2018, which facilitates a whole range of new services via e-Boks Plus. So far, it's been well received by users and senders alike.

Apart from updating the user interface, design and navigation, the vision behind the new e-Boks app is to develop a platform on which relevant services from business partners can be quickly and easily tried out and integrated.

“Initially, we launched the app in a beta version, giving users, senders and business partners the opportunity to test the new services. That allowed us to adjust and adapt the app on the fly, in line with our learning curve and the needs of users and business partners,” explains Erik Abildgaard Knudsen, Nordic Product Director at e-Boks. In 2019 focus is switched to integrating more services and to establish which services have most relevance to users. 


Self-service platform offering more services

The launch of e-Boks Plus moves e-Boks towards a self-service platform, which is not solely related to documents, as has been the case with e-Boks to date. e-Boks Plus lets users decide which services they are interested in, giving them full control over content.

“What’s new is that we are opening up for the integration of a wide range of services. For example: users will be able to check their electricity, water and heating bills, report a change of address or trace parcel deliveries. In other words, e-Boks will no longer simply be a place where digital documents are received, as has been the key element to date,” says Abildgaard Knudsen.


Full roll-out in 2019
e-Boks expects to be able to roll out the app in its full version in 2019 as replacement for the current e-Boks app. In the first version, users will find not only the most basic provision, but more services will be added in line with the growth in users, senders and business partners.

“The idea is that the new app will act as a meeting ground between senders and users, where both can benefit from immediate value. e-Boks Plus will thus really become valuable when interesting services are offered that meet certain specific user needs,” says Abildgaard Knudsen.


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