Every day, millions of Danes log on to their e-Boks app, and the app is among the most downloaded amid Danish mobile users. In the app, in addition to received digital post, you will also find the Plus-platform, which contains of services for our end-users. 

Under the section "Plus", the app users can e.g. register to Storebox and receive their receipts digitally. The users can also keep track of their passwords and pincodes, or be reminded when it's time for their child/children to get a vaccine. These are just some of the features that e-Boks 4.7 million Danish app users are offered. 

Therefore, e-Boks Plus is a self-service universe in the e-Boks app. e-Boks Plus, that is displayed in a separate section in the e-Boks app, contains of services from a range of our partners. The new services in our app provides extra value to our end-users, when they use our app, and can make everyday life easier for the individual user.

The users have full control over the content, and can select the display of services on or off. They can also choose to see content from their favorite services displayed on the home screen.

Services are mainly provided by partners, and all companies, regardless of size, can become an e-Boks service provider, as long as the service is relevant and meets the criteria for user value and synergy with e-Boks. In connection with the launch of Plus, e-Boks has developed a number of services, which aims to inspire potential third-party suppliers to connect to the app and offer their own services to e-Boks' users. 


With the existing services in the Plus-platform, we hope to inspire potential partners who can get an idea of what the platform can be used for, and at the same time see the value in offering their services in e-Boks universe.
Mads Bach, Product Manager at e-Boks

e-Boks has been responsible for the development of e-Donation, Vaccines, Consumption and KodeHusker, while the services Storebox, Digital Servicebook, Livsguiden, Testamente and Fremtidsfuldmagt have been developed by external partners. 

With Plus in the e-Boks app, the user gets everything in one place. At the same time, the app gives our partners the opportunity to reach even more users. 

TestaViva, which is behind the development of the services Livsguiden, Testamente and Fremtidsfuldmagt in Plus, was one of the first external partners in the e-Boks app.

After only three months the app generated 8.143 new users, according to TestaViva's own statement, which has resulted in the creation of more than 3.400 legal documents, corresponding to an economic value for the users of almost 4.5 million DKK. 

"Testaviva's goal is to make law easy and free. We experience that it is the alpha and omega in terms of generating users, that our services is available in the right place. e-Boks' platform has proven to be the perfect place to offer these services through, since it is easy, free and secure. We see this collaboration as the perfect match", says Teastaviva's director Michael Lauritzen. 


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