e-Boks Plus

Linking up to the new e-Boks app lets businesses offer their products and services to e-Boks users.

Read how below.


e-Boks Plus

Med e-Boks Plus åbnes der op for tredjepartsleverandører som kan koble sig på appen og tilbyde deres tjenster, samt en lang række nye services for e-Boks brugere. 

About e-Boks Plus

Apart from updating the user interface, design and navigation, the vision behind the new e-Boks app is to develop a platform on which relevant services from business partners can be quickly and easily tried out and integrated. We call this ‘e-Boks Plus’. The launch of e-Boks Plus moves e-Boks towards a self-service platform, which is not solely related to documents, as has been the case with e-Boks to date. e-Boks Plus lets users decide which services they are interested in, giving them full control over content.



TestaViva – an online platform for creating legal documents – was one of our first business partners to integrate its services in the beta version of the new e-Boks app. The integration of TestaViva’s service into e-Boks Plus allowed users faster, easier access than ever before to create letters of proxy and authority for the future. TestaViva describes the collaboration as a highly successful partnership.

How to become a service provider in e-Boks Plus

The new e-Boks app lets third party suppliers offer their own products and services to e-Boks users. Read what your business needs to do to integrate its service with e-Boks Plus.

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