As one of the first governing bodies in Denmark, since December 2009 the Styrelsen for Videregående Uddannelser og Uddannelsesstøtte (VUS) has been sending post to citizens via e-Boks.

This means that students throughout Denmark receive their annual statements of their allocated grants and loans via e-Boks. Students are also informed via e-Boks of any changes in their grants and loans during the year.

The digital transition process

For VUS, the digital dispatch of support messages is a natural step in the digital transition process that the public sector has been going through in recent years.

Digitisation is completely natural

"There is generally a major willingness to adapt among students, and they find it completely natural to use the opportunities brought by digitisation. We are therefore also happy to be able to give them greater flexibility and a better overview by distributing grant and loan notifications via e-Boks. This is a future-proofed solution that meets current requirements of modern communication, at a lower cost," says the Agency's head, Lars Mortensen.


The agreement with e-Boks means that VUS is well-prepared for the distribution of the shared public digital document box, which must digitise the communication between the public sector, citizens and companies. By the end of 2012, all authorities were able to communicate digitally with citizens and companies via this single, secure channel.

No more old-fashioned window envelopes

"We are delighted to be able to digitise communication with the students, as one of the first public municipalities. Student grant and loan recipients now get digital post from us, instead of having to struggle with old-fashioned window envelopes and growing stacks of paperwork. This minimises the risk of errors in the correspondence between us and the students, so that the solution makes life easier for both parties," says Lars Mortensen.


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