Less paper shuffling and more hands-free for other jobs. Medical secretary at the East Jutland X-ray department steps forward as a pioneer.

The black Logitech mouse dances around on the desk. Click, click, it goes. The "Send" icon appears on the screen, then after one click a letter is on its way. Seconds later, the booking letter lands in the patient's e-Boks. It couldn't be much easier.

"Booking patients' consultations is now almost a pleasure," says Jannie Bach, the medical secretary behind the mouse.

Online booking at the Image Diagnostics Department at Skejby Hospital is a success and the system is now being rolled out throughout the hospital, reports lead medical secretary Lene Kristiansen.

"We were over the moon after we sent our first digital patient booking letter. This is the future," she concludes.

Taking everyone into account
18% of all the department's patients currently receive their appointments and patient information digitally via their e-Boks or on borger.dk. But what about those patients that can't or won't use digital solutions? They are also catered for.

via the smart remote printing system that registers whether the patient requires digital mail or ordinary post.

After the material has been sent to the virtual remote printer, the system uses the patient's personal registration number to register whether, in e-Boks or borger.dk, the patient has signed up for digital messages from institutions in the public sector. If they do, letters and reminder text messages are sent digitally.

If not, the booking letter and supplementary material are printed, enveloped and sent by ordinary post. The remote printer is located in Kolding at the IT company Itella. Yet whether the patient is "online" or not, secretaries book all appointments digitally via their PCs. This saves a lot of their time, and the hospital saves postage costs. Perhaps even more important is that the system reduces misunderstandings.

This article by Maria Evald was published in DL magasinet 04/12


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