In just six weeks, after the fund offered members the option of receiving pension statements via e-Boks, LD received 200,000 registrations for e-Boks. One fourth of the around 860,000 members accepted this offer, and in the first year alone this yielded savings of more than one million kroner.

For some time, Lønmodtagernes Dyrtidsfond, LD, had been considering e-Boks for the distribution of pension statements to their members. The introduction of NemID was the deciding factor. The offer was soon accepted by almost 30% of the members who via e-Boks were offered access to receive LD's pension statements in e-Boks. This corresponds to approx. 200,000 members.

Use of Waiting List
The success of getting so many members in LD to sign up, is down to the use of the e-Boks Waiting List.

"When our members opened their e-Boks, a pop-up offered them the option of receiving post from Lønmodtagernes Dyrtidsfond in e-Boks. Using the Waiting List meant we usually had approx. 1000 members who chose to receive post from LD in e-Boks, so in just two months we gained approx. 200,000 new members, says Gitte Shaughnessy.

Good for the economy - and the environment
e-Boks hasn't just benefited Lønmodtagernes Dyrtidsfond financially, the digitisation has also benefitted the environment.

"It is quite clearly the environmental aspect and the economic advantage that are most important to us. As a member-based organisation, we have a duty to keep administrative costs as low as possible. With e-Boks we can achieve this, and also save vast amounts of paper," says special adviser Gitte Shaughnessy from LD.

Fast delivery
Even though the financial benefit is important for Lønmodtagernes Dyrtidsfond, the speed the "post" is delivered via e-Boks is also an advantage.

"This only takes one day, from the generation of the letter until the recipient receives it. When we take the trouble to respond to members quickly, we also want them to be able to receive the response quickly," says Gitte Shaughnessy.

This year, LD will also add the annual statements for the last group of members to the Waiting List, and hopes to get the same response as last year.


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