KLP, Norway’s largest life insurance company, has made significant progress in digitising its customer communications. By integrating e-Boks into KLP’s own "My Page" solution in the spring of 2016, KLP has enabled digital communication with its members. KLP expects eventually to be able to save several million kronor a year and improve the customer experience when engaging in dialogue with its customers.

"By making e-Boks part of our own IT solution, we’ll not only be cutting document distribution costs but also attracting customers to our website. This combination gives us the opportunity to operate more efficiently and improve the user experience for our customers," explains Fred Olav Ødegaard, Project Manager at KLP.

Integrated part of KLP’s own systems
KLP has opted for an integrated portal system where e-Boks is integrated into KLP’s own "My Pagesolution. Members can log in here and read documents from KLP and, at the same time, store them safely and securely. All KLP members that choose e-Boks as their solution for secure digital mail from the public sector can now access their documents from the public sector and documents from KLP in one place.

"We are constantly looking for IT solutions that underpin our aim to make everyday life easier for our members. Having all documents available in one place and, at the same time, being able to store them safely and securely is one excellent example of this," Ødegaard goes on to say.

Intend to gradually expand
Initially, KLP has started using e-Boks in the business area of occupational pensions and the intention is to use e-Boks in KLP’s bank and insurance business areas too.
"We see tremendous potential in introducing e-Boks’ solution across the Group, and also taking advantage of the opportunities that e-Boks offers for two-way dialogues with our customers where the customer can respond to requests from KLP in e-Boks," says Ødegaard.

Saving millions
KLP distributes various documents to its 700,000 members several times a year. The cost for each letter that is sent by regular post is about 10 kronor, while the cost of distributing a digital document is between one and two kronor, so it goes without saying that the savings are substantial. "The digitisation of letters is just the first step. The greatest gains are all about KLP being able to work in a smarter way because the efficiency of a number of processes is being improved. This frees up internal capacity which again can be used in KLP’s core business," says Ødegaard in conclusion.

About KLP

  • Norway’s largest life insurance company
  • Delivers pension, financial and insurance services to local authorities and county councils, health authorities and both public and private sector businesses, and their employees.
  • The KLP Group has assets totalling NOK 589 billion.
  • KLP is a mutually owned company and KLP's customers with public sector pension schemes are therefore also KLP owners.
  • 700,000 members
  • 950 employees