Danske Bank celebrates 10 years with e-Boks and is currently one of the world's leading banks when it comes to digitisation.

Danske Bank's payment app, MobilePay, won wide acclaim among Danish users. The App is the latest example of a proactive digitisation strategy, which over a number of years has made Danske Bank into one of the leading banks in the world, both in relation to customer communication and streamlining of internal work processes. The bank is also one of the first to deliver digital post - and it is in fact more than 10 years ago that the bank's customers in Denmark could receive their bank post in e-Boks for the first time. Today the e-Boks solution has been implemented in several countries, and is used in e.g. Danske Bank's online banking in Sweden, Norway and other international online banks. Last year, the bank distributed 70 million digital documents across the group, and if you look at the total period since 2001, this totals 200 million documents.

Shifting power from bank to customer

Since 2007, digital communication has been the first choice when communicating with customers. Today Danske Bank's customers can choose whether they want to receive their bank documents online or via e-Boks, an option that the bank wants to offer all customers in those markets where e-Boks is used.

"In the first phase of digitisation, we were focused on integrating e-Boks in our own online banking solution, also in our international units. However, gradually as digital maturity has developed among users, we also recommend our customers in Denmark to use e-Boks for receiving and storing documents from us. In e-Boks, documents are the customer's own legal responsibility, they are in charge of them and can store them for as long as they like. This means the documents are stored if they wish to change financial institutions at any point," explains Anette Lundsteen, VP in Danske Bank.

In addition to having control of their own documents, it is also easy and effective for customers to collect all documents in one place without having to download them to their own PC or print them out and store them in files.

Established solution provides many benefits

For Danske Bank, there are a number of benefits in using an established IT solution that handles documents in a standardised way. The bank avoids having to develop and operate their own solution, and has complete faith in the security surrounding the documents in e-Boks. An added benefit is the money the bank saves every time a letter is sent digitally instead of by normal post.

Today the finance market is global, and users move more between the Nordic countries than before. In such instances, it is more practical for customers to avoid changing banks every time

"We have a lot of customers who live in Malmo, but who work in Copenhagen. It is a clear benefit to them to have access to the same functionality wherever they are. It is essential - and almost a matter of course for us - that e-Boks has a solution that works in all countries where we have a presence," says Anette Lundtsteen.

Two-way communication changes the processes

Different units in the Danske Bank group are now considering adopting new solutions that enable two-way communication with customers via e-Boks.

"Because we can get information from customers in a structured way via the system, e-Boks actually also changes our own work processes. We have a very close collaboration with e-Boks and feel they are very attentive to our needs and wishes. They will be an important strategic partner for us in the future, because they help us achieve competitive advantages thanks to intelligent digitisation," concludes Lundsteen.


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