More than 2.3 million salaried employees in the Nordics receive payslips from Bluegarden, and in 2009, it became possible for a number of the company's biggest Danish customers to simplify their procedures by sending payslips via e-Boks.

Small to medium-sized companies
From spring 2010, Bluegarden also offered this service to small and medium-sized Danish companies using Bluegarden's payroll. This means that around 1.2 million Danish employees are able to receive their payslips via e-Boks.

Abreast of development
"We offer our customers the chance to send payslips via e-Boks because we want to future-proof our solutions. It is important that we are at the forefront of developments in our area, so that we can always offer our customers the best service and the most effective solutions," says CEO Helge Kaltoft.

Positive feedback
"We have received positive feedback from the bigger customers who have already implemented the solution, and among the small to medium-sized companies interest has also been significant," continues Helge Kaltoft.

Making the everyday easier
The work between Bluegarden and e-Boks is based on a shared desire to facilitate the everyday for management and employees out in the companies. Especially in large companies, payroll processes can be complicated, and in combination with Bluegarden's core services, distribution via e-Boks can help to simplify the process.

Great teamwork
"We have an excellent teamwork with e-Boks, who understands our business and our customer vision, which applies across all borders in our Nordic organisation. We can thus also see considerable potential in the internationalisation of e-Boks, so that our customers in the other Nordic countries also have an opportunity to further strengthen their payroll processes," says Helge Kaltoft.


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