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1. e-Boks Cookie Notice

e-Boks uses tracking cookies to analyze traffic on our websites. Site traffic analyses are part of consistent efforts to optimize our websites.

1.1 What is a cookie?

A cookie is a tiny text file that is placed in the memory of your device and allows e-Boks to record information when you interact with our site. More or less all websites make use of cookies.

Cookies can be used e.g. to create statistics about how our website is used and ensure that the website works perfectly.

A cookie is a passive file. It cannot gather personal information or spread computer viruses or any other program that may be harmful to your device.

1.2 Cookies on

We use two kinds of cookies on Google Analytics cookies and marketing cookies.

Google Analytics is a statistical tool that tells e-Boks who visits, and how visitors use the website. At e-Boks, we use this tool to gain valuable insight into the use of the website and make it more user-friendly.

The website also uses two different marketing cookies that help e-Boks to manage its advertising. One of these cookies ensures that visitors to are shown a restricted number of e-Boks ads when they visit other websites. The objective here is to remind anyone who has previously used the website that e-Boks can help them to digitize communication with their customers. The other cookie helps e-Boks to segment emails to individual users, who, in connection with a visit to, have allowed us to send them emails.

1.3 How do I delete cookies?

You can block cookies on your device at any time by changing your browser settings. How you change the settings depends on the browser you use. Please note that if you block cookies, certain functions and services will be unavailable to you because they require the site in question to recall the choices you made during previous visits.

All browsers allow you to delete cookies either one at a time or all at once. How you do this depends on the browser you use. Click the browser list to read the guidelines for your browser. If you use several browsers, remember to delete cookies in all of them.

If you decided to block cookies and then have second thoughts, go to delete cookies in your browser. You will now be asked if you wish to enable cookies.
You can also delete cookies at any time by clicking your browser's internet settings. Select "Delete cookies".

Guidelines: How to block cookies in the most popular browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome


Guidelines: How to delete flash cookies (any browser)

1.4 Why does e-Boks inform about cookies?

e-Boks informs you about cookies because, like any other Danish website, we are obliged to inform visitors about cookies in accordance with "Executive Order on Information and Consent Required in Case of Storing or Accessing Information in End-User Terminal Equipment".

Link to the Executive Order (in Danish)

Further questions

If you have questions about the use of cookies at, please do not hesitate to contact e-Boks.

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