We take responsibility

e-Boks wishes to step forward and take corporate social responsibility.

Read more about our contribution to a more sustainable development of society below.

Social responsibility

Since our beginning in 2001, e-Boks has established its business by delivering sustainable digital solutions and is today an important infrastructural component – not only in the Danish society, but also across Europe, where we in total have passed more than 18 Mill. users. Every year, together with our customers and users, we contribute to huge environmental savings, compared to traditional paper mail. Specifically, we save the society more than 8.002 metric tons of paper, when companies and public authorities send documents through e-Boks.


Our contribution


We work every day to develop and extend our sustainable services - both in Denmark, but also in the rest of the world.

Over the past year, we have worked strategically with UN's sustainable development goals, where we put responsible production (SDG 12) and the citizen's right to data protection (SDG 16) in the centre of our business and services. 


Watch the video about e-Boks' work on UN's global goals here: 

FN's Global Compact


In 2018 e-Boks decided to join UN's Global Compact with the desire to contribute to promoting positive global development. It is in many ways an extension of the work we are already doing today. But we would like to set the bar higher. Among other things, we have set ambitious goals for reducing paper- and water consumption as well as securing more citizens their legal rights by spreading several digital mailboxes internationally.


Read e-Boks' Communication on Progress 2018 report:

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