Digital solutions improve efficiency

With over 17 years’ of experience, e-Boks is the leading provider of digital infrastructure.

We pride ourselves as experts with regards to user behavior and picking up on digital trends. Using this expertise, we help our customers to simplify and improve their business processes.

As the Nordics’ leading digitalization partner, we offer companies, public authorities, and private citizens an effective and secure platform for digital communication. Our user-friendly interface provides easy access for digital signatures, payments, dispatch and storage of important documents.

And we know that this works. Each year, across the Nordic region, more than 30,000 private and public enterprises send more than 400 million documents via e-Boks. Services are either integrated into the customer’s systems or distributed by the e-Boks user interface. Worldwide e-Boks has over 12 million users.

We now receive structured information from customers via e-Boks and can optimize our work processes. e-Boks is – and will continue to be – an important strategic business partner for us.
Anette Lundsteen, Vice President, Danske Bank


e-Boks helps to streamline public and private companies’ services through secure and effective management of digital documents and associated value-creating functionality.


e-Boks is a team of competent and dedicated employees. We set ambitious goals. Our winner-oriented culture has a constant focus on new objectives.

e-Boks offers ingenious, high-quality solutions. We aim to operate using simple, standardized methods that recycle knowledge and solutions to make us as efficient as possible.

Value creation
At e-Boks, we strive to create value in everything we do - for users and senders, and for the community as a whole.

We dare to innovate and continuously develop our solutions for the benefit of our end-users and senders. We are always open to new ideas and new ways of doing things.