We are a leading Nordic digitalization partner

Using e-Boks means improved work processes and
a substantial reduction in total cost.

We are the Nordics' leading digitalization partner

Using e-Boks means improved work processes and a substantial reduction in total cost.

Vision, mission, and values

e-Boks offers companies, public authorities and private citizens an effective, secure and user-friendly platform for digital communication. Our user-friendly interface provides easy access for digital signatures, payments, dispatch and storage of important documents.

Solid ownership and know-how

With over 20 years’ of experience, e-Boks is the leading provider of digital infrastructure. We pride ourselves as experts with regards to user behavior and picking up on digital trends. Using this expertise, we help our customers to simplify and improve their business processes.

20 years of success and expansion

e-Boks was founded in 2001 and has proven to be a success from the very beginning. Our user-friendly interface and easy access have encouraged 21 million users worldwide to join us.

e-Boks CSR policy

We have since our beginning in 2001 established our business by delivering sustainable digital solutions. Furthermore e-Boks has joined the UN’s Global Compact - an international initiative from the United Nations to strengthen the international work on social responsibility. Through the membership of Global Compact, e-Boks is committed to acknowledge and live by the 4 overarching themes from the UN: Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption.



Sponsor for Team Danmark

In 2014, e-Boks entered a partnership with Team Danmark. The partnership means that Team Danmark can invest resources in optimizing daily training for Team Danmark's athletes and improve the use of technology in training. Team Denmark seeks to optimize athletes' sporting development and their performance in training and competitions.









The e-Boks pressroom is a service for journalists and other parties who need more information about e-Boks. The pressroom contains information and facts about e-Boks, our management and our history. Contact us if you need more.

Distributors and partners

e-Boks has a network of distributors and partners, who help to provide e-Boks connections and digital mail delivery.

Download logos and material

This page provides material that is relevant if your company wishes to keep your recipients informed of the many benefits e-Boks has to offer. We hope that you will use this material to motivate more people to use e-Boks. All of the material is downloadable.


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