e-Boks is a trusted Nordic provider of secure platforms and digital postboxes

We offer companies, public authorities and private citizens an effective, secure and user-friendly platform for digital communication.











Easy, secure and user-friendly

e-Boks provides companies, municipalities
and private individuals an effective platform for digital
dispatch and storage of documents.




















Coop digitises all employment contracts

Coop Danmark digitises all management of employment contracts. Enabling employees to sign contracts digitally in e-Boks results in a significantly reduced administrative burden and a much greater overview.


















We chose e-Boks due to its superior security and user-friendliness. This was a non-negotiable requirement
Johnny Wagner Pedersen, HR-support and recruitment manager, Coop











Danske Bank focuses on user-friendliness

Danske Bank's collaboration with e-Boks means that customers get easy access to their bank documents.
This means savings for Danske Bank, who can then offer attractive products at competitive prices.


















By getting information from customers in a structured way via e-Boks, our own work processes are also changed. e-Boks is an important strategic business partner for us, also in the future
Anette Lundsteen, Vice president, Danske Bank
At e-Boks, security is our top priority, and we take all necessary precautions to secure your information.

Digital solutions to increase effectiveness

e-Boks offers your company a wide range of digital solutions to increase effectiveness and reduce costs. From digital signatures and secure digital dialog to integrated portal solutions and secure distribution.

We take responsibility

We work every day to develop and extend our sustainable services - both in Denmark, but also in the rest of the world.

Over the past year, we have worked strategically with UN's sustainable development goals, where we put responsible production (SDG 12) and the citizen's right to data protection (SDG 16) in the centre of our business and services.

As an important digital player, e-Boks' ambition is that we by 2030 can rely on 100% carbon neutral data from our data center suppliers. Towards 2030, e-Boks will plant 10,000 trees annually through Trees for the Future.org - resulting in 120,000 trees planted by 2030.

How companies use e-Boks

There are more than 30,000 senders of mail in e-Boks. Meet some of them below, read about their experience, and see how they have benefitted.

ISS use digital signature for all sorts of things

Digital signatures

ISS use digital signature for all sorts of things

“We save time and money – all that’s needed now is a few clicks. The e-Boks solution is also easy to use, and fits in well with our policy of always seeking to work smarter,” states Charlotte Tuborg Emcken, Payroll Manager at ISS

Improving KLP’s customer communication

Portal solution

Improving KLP’s customer communication

KLP, Norway’s largest life insurance company, has made significant progress in digitising its customer communications. By integrating e-Boks into KLP’s own "My Page" solution, KLP has enabled digital communication with its members.

Danske Bank
Danske Bank: Digital pioneers

Portal solution

Danske Bank: Digital pioneers

Danske Bank celebrates 10 years with e-Boks and is currently one of the world's leading banks when it comes to digitisation. Today the e-Boks solution has been implemented in several countries, and is used in Danske Bank's online banking in Sweden, Norway and other international online banks.

Do you know your ups from your downs in EU's new GDPR regulation?

Check our guides and see if you are on track to become GDPR compliant.









513 million documents sent via e-Boks in 2019

That's how many documents companies and municipalities sent to e-Boks users in 2019.

Documents sent via e-Boks facilitates case handling, increases efficiency and benefits the environment.


















More than 30,000 senders

That's how many companies and municipalities already use e-Boks when they send post

to customers and citizens. It's not just great for the bottom line. It's also great for the environment.


















More than 18 million receive post in e-Boks













7. November 2019

130 million saved in postage costs

Digital postboxes have definitely come to stay. Which is great for people, the environment and the economy. For each letter sent digitally, the state and municipalities save considerable amounts of money that can be used on other, more beneficial services.

7. November 2019

130 millioner kroner i sparte portokostnader

Digitale postkasser har definitivt kommet for å bli. Hvilket er bra for både innbyggerne, miljø og økonomi. For hvert brev som sendes digitalt sparer stat og kommune store summer som heller kan brukes på andre samfunnsnyttige tjenester.

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e-Boks A/S boosts turnover and invests massively in new platform

e-Boks A/S boosts turnover and invests massively in new platform

2018 was a year with massive technology investment for e-Boks, which is now well into the process of replacing the engine powering its digital post solution. Healthy top line growth was achieved with pre-tax profit of DKK 17.4 million, and e-Boks was once again recognized as one of Denmark’s strongest brands. Foreign focus has increased.

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